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The CO2RISKMAN joint industry project was initiated and led by DNV to develop industry guidance that provides a comprehensive reference source to assist the emerging CCS industry appreciate, understand, communicate and manage the issues, challenges and potential hazards associated with handling CCS CO2 streams.

All commercial CCS projects will need to handle very large quantities of CO2 and a significant leak from a large inventory CO2 system has the potential to be life threatening to people caught within the ensuing dispersing cloud. Whilst there is no reason why the CO2 major accident risks from a CCS operation cannot be low and well within acceptable limits this will require an adequate understanding of the properties and behaviors of the CO2 stream.

The CO2RISKMAN guidance is structured to form a pyramid of four documents, with an Executive Summary at the top to a more detailed CCS link-specific document at the bottom. This structure should enable efficient access to the level of information being sought. The four documents that combine to form the CO2RISKMAN guidance are:

  • Level 1 – Executive Summary
  • Level 2 – Overview
  • Level 3 – Generic guidance
  • Level 4 – Specific CCS chain guidance.