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DNV-SE-0657 Re-qualification of pipeline systems for transport of hydrogen and carbon dioxide

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Edition 2023-12

This service specification (SE) provides guidance on the information needed and processes required to re-qualify a pipeline for the transport of hydrogen and CO2.

Procedures for obtaining and maintaining DNV certificates, verification statements, or other endorsements are not included in this service specification. Standards and services referred to in Sec.3 should be used for the purpose of verifying and certifying new pipeline systems.

Statutory certification or regulatory compliance in accordance with the requirements of national authorities is not included in this service specification. Compliance in this respect is dictated by the regulations put into force and governed by the relevant national authorities.

This service specification does not establish any requirements or boundaries in terms of how the pipeline system is defined, or what parts of a pipeline are to be considered for re-qualification. The requirements and standards to be applied will vary, depending on the extent of the re-qualification scope, which is to be defined and agreed with DNV.


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