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DNV-SE-0441 Type and component certification of wind turbines

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Edition 2016-06 - Amended 2021-10

This service specification (SE) specifies the obligations of the customer, usually the manufacturer, when his wind turbine or wind turbine component/system shall be certified. The document also specifies the obligations of DNV and the tasks carried out by DNV for certification.

The aim of this document is to provide a certification scheme which addresses individual needs in the various wind turbine development phases, reduce the costs over the lifetime and at the same time to not compromise the added value and quality delivered by certification. Additional certification services may be chosen to enhance the functionality, reliability and value even more. The service specification serves also to detail and clarify the certification activities and facilitate achieving compliance.

The main differentiators of the DNV certification scheme to other existing schemes are:

  • more guidance and descriptions to facilitate application
  • all wind turbine relevant topics addressed in one service specification
  • all wind turbine development phases are supported by the certification scheme
  • certification may be tailored by adding multiple optional services.

This SE applies to type certification of wind turbines as well as for component certification. Component certification as a term used in this service specification covers e.g. major and minor components, systems, single parts or assemblies used in a wind turbine or attached to it. The mandatory certification modules comprise design, manufacturing and testing at different stages of the wind turbine development process. An overview of the certification modules is given in Sec.2 and a more detailed description is given in Sec.3.


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