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DNV-RP-0363 Extreme temperature conditions for wind turbines

Recommended practice

Edition 2016-04 - Amended 2021-10

This recommended practice (RP) provides principles, technical requirements, and guidance for design, and documentation of wind turbines in extreme temperatures. The RP may be used for the design of on- and offshore wind turbines in extreme temperatures, which are outside the normal temperature range requirements in the present codes and standards. Further, ice accumulation is outside the scope of this RP. 

The objectives of this RP are to:

  • provide an internationally acceptable level of safety, reliability, and durability by defining minimum requirements for wind turbines in extreme temperatures (in combination with referenced standards, recommended practices, guidelines, etc.)
  • provide guidance for determination of loads and advice the analysis methods as relevant for operational (FLS and SLS) and extreme (ULS) conditions, however, not accidental conditions (ALS) implicated by the extreme temperatures
  • serve as a guideline for designers, suppliers, purchasers, and regulators 
  • serve as basis for the design of wind turbines exposed to extreme temperatures.
This RP is applicable to all types of wind turbines intended for installation in sites with extreme temperatures. It is also applicable to the design of components for the wind turbines in extreme temperatures. This RP cover the following topics:
  • external conditions
  • design loads
  • control and protection system
  • manuals
  • rotor blades
  • mechanical components.

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