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DNV-RP-0360 Subsea power cables in shallow water

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Edition 2016-03 - Amended 2021-10

This recommended practice (RP) provides guidance for all phases of the life cycle of subsea power cable projects, with a focus on static service in shallow water. 

The objectives of this RP are to:

  • ensure that the various phases of subsea power cable systems, i.e. concept development, design, manufacturing, testing, storage, load-out, transport, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning, are conducted with due regard for health and safety, the protection of the environment and quality
  • promote a risk based approach whereby risks are reduced to acceptable levels
  • provide internationally applicable guidance by defining minimum requirements which constitute industry ‘best practice’
  • serve as a reference document between stakeholders such as developers, designers, manufacturers, purchasers, installers, owners, operators, certifiers, investors and insurers.
DNV-RP-0360 Subsea power cables in shallow water