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Christian Markussen

Global Practice Lead - Technology Qualification & Digital Twins, Norway

Christian Markussen has over 28 years of international experience in the oil & gas and energy sector.

About Christian

Christian is responsible for services related to two key areas: 

  • DNV-RP-A204 “Assurance of Digital Twins”: The objective of this document is to establish requirements and provide a structured process for developing and assuring digital twins, aiming to obtain trustworthy output from them. 
  • DNV-RP-A203 “Technology Qualification”: This recommended practice (RP) provides a systematic approach to technology qualification, ensuring traceability throughout the process. It covers functions, targets, expectations, failure modes, qualification activities and evidence. 

Christian’s expertise extends across various domains: 

  • Development and deployment of digital twins, including analytics and data quality. 
  • Business development and technology qualification. 
  • Subsea/SURF systems, drilling, risk analysis, finite element analysis and lab testing. 

Christian’s contributions have significantly impacted the energy industry, and his multifaceted experience continues to drive innovation and safety. 

Field of expertise University/School Year

Field of expertise

Master of Science Mechanical Engineering


SD School of Mines and Tech.



Field of expertise

Bachelor of Science w\Honours Mechanical Engineering


SD School of Mines and Tech.



Field of expertise

Engineer Mechanical Engineering


Telemark Engineering University



DNV-RP-A204 “Assurance of Digital Twins”

DNV-RP-A203 on “Technology Qualification”

Subsea Processing Standardization – A way to improve the Business Cases. Markussen. SPE Subsea Processing Workshop, Brazil. Mar 2015 

Current and future technologies for powering offshore and subsea facilities. Markussen. MCE Deepwater Development, Madrid. Apr 2014 

Experience with Technology Qualification and Subsea Processing. Markussen. SPE Conference - Subsea processing. Mar 2012 

Reliability issues for Subsea Solutions in Arctic Waters. Markussen. Russia Offshore Conference, Moscow. May 2008 

Importance of Technology Qualification in Expanding Oil and Gas in Offshore Frontiers. Markussen. IEA Global Oil and Gas Innovation Dialogue, Paris. Apr 2008 

Teknologikvalifiserings metoder med eksempel fra Åsgard og Ormen Lange. Mellem, Markussen. NUS, Haugesund. May 2007 

Program for estimating structures probability of failure using FORM, SORM and Monte Carlo Simulation. Markussen. South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. May 1995

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