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Tata Steel

A leader in health and safety with Phast

Tata Steel chose Phast 

Tata Steel Europe Limited is the second largest steel producer in Europe. It is a subsidiary of Tata Steel, a top ten global steel producer and the world's second most geographically diversified. Their goal is to be the leader in health and safety within the steel industry. For consequence analysis, their choice is to use Phast. 

“Tata Steel has a vision to be the leader within the steel industry within health and safety,” says Andrew Hickling, Process Safety Engineer at Tata Steel Europe. The key reasons Tata Steel has for choosing Phast are its consistent results, its high marks on intuitive use, and its use by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). 

“The HSE uses Phast for their analyses as well,” says Mr Hickling. “When we’re talking to them they actually understand what we’ve done, why we’ve done it, the parameters that we use, and the inputs.” This makes communication and compliance much more efficient. 

“Our approach…is trying to understand the hazards and the associated barriers that protect both the business and the people surrounding the site from these hazards, and to use safety…assessments to ensure that the barriers are in place and maintained.” 

Major Action Hazard Regulations

“When we came under the Control of Major Action Hazard Regulations in 1999, we didn’t yet have a way of predicting what would happen should our hazards be realized. With Phast we can produce a consistent approach to these hazards and produce data that we can actually share with other companies and our own people.” 

“Phast was new to us and the results it could produce were actually new to us as well. But as we got more confident using the software, obviously we were able to produce results. Now we get the same results from all the sites. Everybody is using the same software and producing the same output.” 

The consistent results from their production sites in Europe are, according to Mr Hickling, the most important reason why Tata Steel has chosen Phast. 

“Others in the same industry can gain from using Phast because it produces consistent results. If you’re using the same inputs, obviously you’re going to get consistent results. The reports are consistent, so you can actually compare site to site,” says Mr Hickling.

Why we chose DNV

  • Phast is used by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 
  • Phast produces consistent results 
  • Software scores high on intuitive use 
  • DNV provides excellent support

This is what we gained 

  • Understanding of hazards and associated barriers  
  • Comparison of sites

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