Power and renewables

Smart Energy Community

2016 Global Innovation Project

Inspired by DNV’s PowerMatching City in the Netherlands, this Joint Industry Project aims to develop a Singapore-based smart energy community test bed in a university campus, enabling multiple stakeholders to participate, gain knowledge, experience and prove the Smart Green Cities concept. Participants gain experience in energy efficiency enhancement, renewable energy integration, peak load reduction, developing and testing smart appliances, and work on new electricity market policy making. The smart community test bed serves as a template for system level solutions of multiple interactive “smart components” that will demonstrate clear infrastructural cost-benefits.

The testbed enables a comprehensive study of the impact of smart grid technologies and concepts, on communities and their sustainable energy end-use. The project outcomes can guide the implementation of a nation-wide smart grid in Singapore while positively engaging the citizens in the process. In this project, DNV provides advisory service related to design a Singapore electricity market simulation model. Further, we provide demand response business logic, rules and strategies. As a first pilot community smart grid testbed in Singapore knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt from PowerMatching City are being transferred.

In close collaboration with external stakeholders, the project partners will develop a recommended practice, define system requirements, configurations and protocols that can be commercialized primarily focusing on the Asian market. It will also provide system integration requirements, methods and tools prioritized within the smart city strategic segments. The smart energy community will engage empowered consumers to maximize energy cost savings of their homes or communities.At the end, the project will be a smart community microgrid system connected to around 1,000 homes and 200 buildings inside the university campus.