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Deep decarbonization of the industry

Customer challenge

The way energy is used, and by which technology it is used, influences how an industry can be decarbonized. The Future Energy department of Shell requested an in-depth technology and impact study on the potential for deep decarbonization related to energy end use, and the associated CO2 emissions in the main industry sectors for 2050 time horizon.

DNV's solution

  • A detailed analysis of energy use within industry sectors
  • Inventory and modelling of energy technologies describing the energy use and fuel use (on the level of energy technologies)
  • Decarbonization options were evaluated on feasibility for the specific energy use found in industry sectors
  • Sector impact and feasibility of decarbonization was evaluated
  • Two deep dives are performed to provide additional insights in aspects of deep decarbonization in industry.

Benefits to the customer

This study created a perspective for Shell on the feasibility of ‘deep’ decarbonization (80%) in industry and provided clarity on the structure of energy use in industry, feasibility of individual decarbonization options, and sector feasibility of reducing CO2 and using renewable resources. Placing the results in a global context, historical context allowed Shell to communicate the results and findings around the topic of the feasibility to reach -80% reduction targets for 2050.