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From doubt to belief

How Rederiet Stenersen got the best value out of their DNV software “Navigator Port”

An estimated 230.000 of 1.6 million seafarers worldwide are from the Philippines. That is 14,4 per cent of the maritime workforce. This workforce faces a digital evolution in their everyday jobs. Technology and software solutions are transforming how ships operate, communicate, and comply with regulations. Training is essential to keep up with the pace. 

vesselManila, a prominent hub in the maritime industry, presents an ideal location for Rederiet Stenersen to host its regular crew seminars and training sessions. With a growing emphasis on digital solutions for seafarers, the capital of the Philippines offers a dynamic environment for fostering innovation and professional development. In 2022, a product manager from DNV created eye-opening moments in one of these sessions.

"Is it worth it?"

Rederiet Stenersen is one of the key players in the European maritime landscape. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, Stenersen has a proud history of excelling and visionary thinking. The Company operates in Northern Europe transporting liquid cargo with its fleet of 18 oil and chemical tankers. In this fast-changing and competitive environment, Stenersen recognizes that only the smartest and most adaptable companies can succeed. Using digital solutions to help the crew and office with everyday tasks is key. But just because software can help doesn't necessarily mean the workforce will use it. 

bjarte hogelid

"We challenge every digital solution in use, by asking one core question: Is it worth it?" says Bjarte Hogelid, HSSEQ & Marine Manager at Stenersen. "Stenersen defines itself as a smart shipping company, both in the traditional maritime and in the digital way. Ensuring that is part of my job."

To speed up its port workflows, Stenersen chose Navigator Port by DNV. The port clearance solution automates the documentation, communication and compliance tasks required for each port. The daily business of Stenersen’s workforce revolves around short voyages and even shorter port calls. Each port call demands a high level of attendance to ensure compliance.

Bjarte, who has been sailing for 16 years himself, explains: "There is always an urgent task waiting onboard a busy ship. It can be a huge advantage if we save time and resources with a digital solution. But all tools must be used properly to create value."

crew members on vessel

Stenersen has a high awareness that not all captains and crew members are equally comfortable with using software on board. Different levels of digital maturity exist within an organization, even though this gap will gradually narrow with the more digital generations to come. "Our survey for Navigator Port was very positively answered by 50 per cent of the masters. However, the other half did not react at all", says a surprised Bjarte. "That is why I called Vishnu Ravendranathan from DNV."

Great feedback versus no feedback 

Vishnu Ravendranathan ship crew

Vishnu Ravendranathan has a passion for the sea. As a former nautical officer, he sailed on several types of vessels and visited various ports around the world. In his role, Vishnu experienced first-hand the challenges and complexities of the port call process. He has learned about the severe implications of human error and miscommunication. When he was offered the position as Product Manager for DNV's digital port clearance solution, he didn't think twice: "By working for DNV on Navigator Port, I could contribute to the digitalisation of the maritime world, which has been my passion for many years."

"When Bjarte told me about his masters' great feedback, I was delighted", says Vishnu. "But the lack of response from so many captains surprised me even more. Action had to be taken."

Bjarte and Vishnu arranged a training session during a crew seminar in Manila, where half of the Stenersen crew attended. A few weeks after the call, Vishnu was standing in front of 30 captains from all over the world, ready to demonstrate the value of Navigator Port.  

manila ship stenersen audience


When asked about his experience with Navigator Port, master Janis Strautmanis shared his surprising experience: "When I returned from shore leave, I noticed that no one had updated Navigator Port. I assumed nobody used it in my absence." He explained how the software reduces his workload and encouraged his fellow captains to see for themselves how it eases port clearance and crew management: "We have so much work to do. This software feels like our helping hand." Vishnu could not have wished for a better start to his presentation.

"Basically, there were two schools of thought about our software: that it was easy to use and that it was not, remembers Vishnu. “Those saying it is user-friendly and beneficial were my comrades. My task was to show everyone else why their colleagues could work so well with the software. It is part of my job to create these eye-opening moments in training, which I find exciting every time."

Two hours later, the customised training was complete and with it the transformation from doubt to belief. Several questions about data entry, port form updates and crew information were answered by showing the easy-to-use workflows in Navigator Port.  

"Training is essential in the maritime business. For continuous learning in both Navigator Port Classic and Cloud, we offer several tutorial videos, webinars, and handbooks at any time online", concluded Vishnu.

To be continued...

On his way back to the office in Rostock, Germany, Vishnu received a call from Bjarte: "Our people were impressed by your training on Navigator Port. The other half of the crew will have a seminar in a few months. The Philippines are very sunny this time of the year."

stenersen ship sunset


About Rederiet Stenersen AS: Stenersen, a modern and environmental friendly shipping company headquartered in Bergen, Norway, owns a fleet of 20 chemical/product tankers ranging in size from 13 - 18 500 dwt. All vessels are deployed mainly in North European trade and equipped at the highest standard in order to meet the customers requirement and the harsh conditions of North Europe trade. 

Customer name: Rederiet Stenersen AS


Market: Shipping / Transportation of liquid cargoes

Product: Navigator Port Classic

Brief account: 

Why Rederiet Stenersen AS chose Navigator Port Classic: 

  • Easy preparation of port and crew documents 
  • Time saved, which can be used on other pressing matters 
  • Up-to-date templates

There is always an urgent task waiting on board a busy ship. Navigator Port feels like a helping hand.

  • Captain Janis Strautmanis

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