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Phast Online plays indispensable role for Energys, leader in hydrogen fuel cell power

Energys has proven its innovative hydrogen fuel cell power systems in the world’s harshest environments, including remote operations in Australia and Saudi Arabia. Energys relies on Phast Online for consequence analysis.

Energys was looking for the best solution to define hazardous area safely, a crucial element for hydrogen fuel cell generators that are designed to replace carbon-emitting diesel generators.

"We chose Phast Online," says Simon Marin, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineer at Energys. "It was recommended as the best way to extend and augment our existing computational fluid dynamics process for hazardous area calculations and it has certainly delivered."

Energys power products are designed, manufactured and certified for immediate adoption in commercial applications within Australia and internationally. Hazardous area classification (HAC) around the hydrogen fuel cell generator is comparable to the HAC around a diesel generator set. This means that an Energys generator set can be installed on a similar footprint as the carbon-emitting fossil-fuelled units it is replacing.  

Energy transition 

Powered by non-toxic gas and with only water vapour as an emission, these systems also eliminate the environmental risk associated with fuel storage and use. Energys knows that reliability, simplified safety, ease of operation and low cost of ownership are necessary to drive adoption of the systems. 

"Our range is designed to be turn-key and a better alternative to diesel and fossil gas power in every respect," says Noel Dunlop, Energys Founder and VP.  

"There are millions of diesel power generators operating globally. If the world is going to achieve the emissions targets it has set for itself, a vast number of those generators need to be replaced. We’re helping forward-thinking businesses start that process now."

"We’re also thrilled to work with DNV in other areas, such as marine certification of our fuel cell power plants."

Immediate access to software 

Energys chose Phast Online because their needs were met in full by the Hydrogen leak application within the platform. The acquisition of Phast Online was smooth. "It was straightforward – just create an account and pay with a credit card to get immediate access." 

Energys had previous consequence analysis experience, and they found the Hydrogen leak application particularly user-friendly. "We found it very simple to use,” says Marin. “The interface made it very simple to input parameters, and the results were clear." 

Pioneering megawatt scale hydrogen fuel cell for remote areas 

In a leap forward for the energy transition, Energys recently manufactured, delivered and assembled a megawatt scale hydrogen fuel cell in the remote desert of Tabuk province, Saudi Arabia. This showcased the capability, swift deployability, and reliable operation of the turn-key power system, especially in one of the world’s harshest terrains. It was deployed remarkably fast. Within seven days of its arrival at the site, it was installed and commissioned. The hydrogen powerhouse generator is a fully self-contained zero-emission alternative to the carbon-emitting diesel-electric generator sets. It’s the first time in history that this kind of generator has been internationally shipped to a remote location and successfully commissioned for off-grid usage. 

Phast Online has indispensable role 

As Energys continues to break new ground in the energy transition, tools like Phast Online play an indispensable role. 

"We wouldn’t be able to certify our products without the software, so it is an integral part of our continuous product development. We are going to keep using it as we develop our future generation of products," says Marin. 

About Energys:

Energys has been a visionary leader and manufacturer of zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell power products for over a decade. During this time, the Energys team has delivered multiple generations of fuel-cell power products, which have now reached a level of maturity unmatched by competitors. 

Energys hydrogen fuel-cell products range from 10-kilowatt gen-sets to multi-megawatt utility-scale powerhouse plants. The product range serves applications across land and sea, including off-grid, grid-connected, peaking, grid-firming, mobile, permanent, shore-power, auxiliary/backup and on-water mobility. 

Over the past ten years, Energys has developed a highly skilled and experienced team, including hydrogen engineers, scientists and business and energy experts, all united by a vision to enable and guide customers through the renewable hydrogen adoption pathway. 

Phast Online case logo Energys


Customer name: Energys


Market: Hydrogen fuel cell power products

Employees: Over 50 and growing

Solution/product: Phast Online

Brief account: 

Why we chose Phast Online: 

  • Recommended by industry experts during training 
  • Hydrogen leak application in Phast Online met our requirements 
  • Online accessibility 

What we gained: 

  • A streamlined process to safely determine hazardous area classification (HAC) 
  • Enhanced confidence in ensuring hydrogen fuel cell generators can replace diesel generators 
  • A reliable software solution integral to our future product development 
CASE - Phast Online - Energys

We wouldn't be able to certify our products without the software, so it is an integral part of our continuous product development. We are going to keep using it as we develop our future generation of products.

  • Simon Marin ,
  • Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineer ,
  • Energys

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