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Site-specific emissions reduction roadmap and model

Customer challenge

Nouryon has a strong existing sustainability record but wants to take it to the next level: use 100% renewable energy and feedstock and become completely carbon neutral by 2050. Furthermore, Nouryon aims to be a valued partner for the government achieving its sustainability targets and provide the detailed input necessary to collaborate with government agencies and jointly move forward on our national sustainability journey.

DNV's solution

  • The development of an Excel-based model. The model helps to put plans into action, harness the opportunities from Nouryon’s leading position, and enable Nouryon in achieving its sustainability goals towards 2050
  • Interviews with key personnel to take stock of emissions reduction measures (scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3) already identified, including their important parameters
  • Meetings with steering group consisting of representatives of energy procurement, public & regulatory affairs, research & development, and the site director.

Benefits to the customer

  • Option register including decarbonization potential, cost per option
  • Merit order of options
  • A tool that allows Nouryon to create emissions reduction roadmaps to convince internal and external stakeholders of the validity of its investment decisions. The tool generates communicable outputs and clarify its considerations
  • For one of their plants: 
  • 4 pathways to full decarbonization  by 2030
  • Identification of projects with significant impacts on CO2 and new market opportunities
  • Cost estimates (CAPEX, OPEX) per pathway.