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Largest battery energy storage system in Europe

DNV applied the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice to achieve quality level for the performance, safety and reliability

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Martijn Huibers
Martijn Huibers

Team Lead Energy Storage

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EnspireME of Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation

EnspireME, a fifty-fifty joint venture established between Mitsubishi Corporation and Eneco, are going to implement a large-scale battery energy storage system in Jardelund, Germany. The system is scheduled to begin operating in December 2017 with a power capacity of 48 MW and a storage capacity of over 50 MWh, which will be the largest stationary type system in Europe.

EnspireME will utilize this battery energy storage system to supply sustainable reserve capacity to balance the European electricity grid. Mitsubishi Corporation and Eneco will also start a pilot project involving the storage of locally produced surplus wind energy.

A key item in the tendering process, are the Employer’s Requirements, which describe the technical requirements of the battery system.

EnspireME recognized DNV as the most qualified advisory partner to assist in this process. Eneco and MC requested DNV to review and - where necessary - co-write the employer’s requirements for the 48MW power capacity project. DNV was also asked to assist in evaluating the Best-And-Final-Offer (BAFO). 

For the the review and co-writing of the employer’s requirements, DNV applied the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice to achieve a quality level for the performance, safety and reliability matching the needs of Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation. An example of some of the specific GRIDSTOR review points that were included for the requirements:

  • Performance characteristics – what power, energy and lifetime considerations are required for the key application?
  • Operations and Maintenance agreements – what details for the agreement with the system integrator need to be considered?
  • Safety requirements – what industry best practices for system safety need to be taken into account?
  • System compliance with application-specific regulations and applicable standards and guidelines
  • Dimensioning considerations – which requirements for dimensioning lead to the required lifetime of the project?

For the technical evaluation of the Best-And-Final-Offer, DNV used its methodology for evaluation of such tenders considering criteria for safety, operation and performance. Specific attention points are whether the quotations reflect the state-of-the-art technology, component selection, approach - and if prices for major elements like the storage system and O&M are in line with industry best practices.

With DNV’s independent review and support in writing of the employer’s requirements, Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation were able to receive high quality proposals from the key energy storage system integrators globally. By using the GRIDSTOR Recommended Practice, the proposals were consistent, so that an effective evaluation could take place. By using assistance for the evaluation of the BAFO, Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation tapped into DNV’s vast experience and industry intelligence to select the most suitable system integrator for the 48MW Jardelund power capacity project.

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Martijn Huibers
Martijn Huibers

Team Lead Energy Storage

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DNV GL performed high quality technical services within the short timeframe which this project often required. The collaboration definitely helped in preparing clear Employer Requirements and proper review of the offers of the tenderers.
Mark van Zwieten,
  • Construction Manager
  • EnspireME