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GreenPowerMonitor switches to remote commissioning in response to COVID-19 health emergency

35 remote commissioning services worldwide have been successfully been carried out from March to April 2020

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Carlos Alberto Pacheco
Carlos Alberto Pacheco

Unit COO - Director of Operations and Grid Integration

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Three key benefits:

  • Increased flexibility and time saving 
  • Continuing the energy transition during times of crisis 
  • Developing projects without delay

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company, provides digital tools for the management and maintenance of renewable energy assets, to optimize efficiency in the management of renewable energy portfolios and accelerate the energy transition.

The challenge
Due to travel restrictions and border closures imposed by COVID-19, GreenPowerMonitor (GPM) decided to transform this limitation into an opportunity to accelerate the digital transition, increasing its remote commissioning service. 

Typically GPM’s commissioning service, a SCADA-based solution, includes the installation of hardware in an energy plant, usually carried out by GPM engineers. Commissioning includes the correct wiring of the elements to be monitored into the GPM cabinet, checking power, and ensuring GPM get data from all the elements the customer needs to monitor.

DNV’s solution
To ensure the successful commissioning of renewable energy plants remotely, GPM developed a dedicated procedure for remote commissioning:  

  • Pre-programming: GPM sends all tools pre-configured so that only physical connections are required.
  • Documentation: the team prepares detailed documentation with infographics to describe and illustrate all the connections to verify and check on site.
  • Visual resources: GPM updates plans and installation guideless for each connection.
  • Standardization: GPM performs quality controls of registered data with the GPM field installation test tool, ensuring standardization.
  • Pre-verification: GPM performs meticulous checks of all the connections through photographic tests and videos.
  • Audiovisual support: GPM offers non-stop audiovisual support in real time.

In the two months from March to April 2020, the team has successfully carried out 35 remote commissioning services worldwide. The service has demonstrated GPM’s ability to adapt quickly and to be able to maintain the development of projects without delay.

There are many advantages to remote commissioning, including increased flexibility  and time saving. By eliminating travel, there is greater technical availability, since engineers and technicians can devote more resources to remote services.

Contact us:

Carlos Alberto Pacheco
Carlos Alberto Pacheco

Unit COO - Director of Operations and Grid Integration

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Thank you for the commissioning and portal setting. We have a good remote commissioning experience. Because when we need help, GPM can usually provide immediate and professional advice.
Wade Lai,
  • Project Engineer
  • ConCom
Our intention is to offer remote commissioning as a regular service once the crisis caused by COVID-19 is over. Digitization is one of the four strategic verticals that GPM is working on. Therefore, we are preparing ourselves to increase the efficiency of the service and to be able to offer the latest technologies to all customers during the life of the asset. Remote commissioning is here to stay and will be part of the new normal.
Carlos Pacheco,
  • COO
  • GreenPowerMonitor