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Dutch DSOs reduce power failures by 25%

Liander and Enexis use DNV’s Smart Cable Guard and improve grid reliability

The Netherlands has around 110,000 km of underground medium-voltage (6-50 kV) cables, some of which date back to the early 1900s. “Problems in underground cables are by far the biggest cause of power outages. If we are to keep delivering a reliable energy supply, we need a fast and accurate way to monitor all our cables,” says [spokesperson for one of the DSOs].

In early 2016, Dutch distribution system operators (DSOs) Liander and Enexis, and substation automation provider Locamation teamed up with DNV to develop a 24-hour cable monitoring system. The system is based on DNV’s Smart Cable Guard: a sensor-based solution for pinpointing faults and weak points in cables. DNV manages and monitors the system, analysing sensor data to allow the DSOs to resolve problems fast.

  • Smart Cable Guard
    • Online, sensor-based detection of faults and weak points
    • Detects over 95% of failures and roughly 65% of weak spots
    • Accurate to 1% of the cable circuit length
    • Reports issues within 5 minutes
  • System management
    • Analysis of sensor data
    • Monitoring system performance and status

Following successful testing, Liander and Enexis, have rolled out the cable monitoring system across their networks.

The system is up to 70% more effective than existing failure detectors. Its accuracy means we can repair faults faster. And its ability to identify weak points helps us prevent faults occurring,” adds [Customer spokesperson].

Added value
After widespread roll out, power outages on the network are down by around 25%. The two DSOs also predict that the time and cost of repairing failures will fall considerably as well.

As a data-driven solution, Smart Cable Guard helps our 20th Century infrastructure meet the challenges of the 21st Century digital world. It is an invaluable tool in our efforts to maximise our reliability,” says [Customer spokesperson].

Helps our 20th Century infrastructure meet the challenges of the 21st Century digital world"
Up to 70% more effective than existing failure detectors"