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Compliance review of the structural design basis for Arctech Solar’s Skyline tracker

Reviewing the full structural design process of the Skyline tracker

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Richard Gledhill
Richard Gledhill

Head of Section, Project Engineering

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DNV reviewed the structural design basis for Arctech Solar’s Skyline trackers to validate its compliance with relevant Australian and international standards. By seeking an independent third party verification of its  product design and processes, Arctech Solar can guarantee the assurance and reliability of its data, to help it build a strong reputation with local developers and investors, fast track project specific reviews for its product and facilitates the introduction of the Skyline product more easily to the Australian market.

Three key benefits

  • Ensured structural design compliance to Australian and international standards and current industry practices
  • Provided Arctech with a compliance review report that supported discussions with project investors and developers and fast tracked the review process by independent engineers for specific projects
  • Boosted the company’s credibility and built a stronger company reputation

About the customer

Founded in 2009, Arctech Solar is one of the world's leading manufacturers and solution providers of solar tracking, racking and Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) systems with over 800 employees worldwide. It is headquartered in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province of China, with its global business division and manufacturing base located in Shanghai and Changzhou respectively.

As of the end of 2019, Arctech Solar had installed a cumulative capacity of around 24 GW and had successfully executed approximately 900 projects in 24 countries. Arctech Solar has been ranked among the top 5 tracker suppliers for the global PV market in the past 4 years.

The customer challenge

Arctech Solar engaged DNV to perform a compliance review of the structural design basis for its  Skyline tracker which required a detailed review of the product’s design and assessment of the justifications for the analysis, design assumptions and calculations.

DNV’s solution

DNV offered a full review of the structural analysis and design of the Skyline tracker which included reviewing the wind tunnel test reports, interpreting and using the wind tunnel test results to calculate wind loads applied to tracker rows, analysing the tracker under different load combinations, and performing design checks on the structural components and connections. 

DNV also performed independent checks on the analysis, design and design documentation which included structural drawings, material selection and installation manuals. The review considered:

  • Wind tunnel test reports and dynamic studies
  • Wind load calculations and load combinations applied to the tracker
  • Engineering analysis and testing undertaken by Arctech to verify structural integrity and compliance
  • Design reviews of all structural components and connections in accordance with Australian and international standards.

Benefits to the customer

The review of the structural design basis of Arctech Solar’s Skyline tracker ensured structural design compliance with current industry practices and local and international standards.

Contact us:

Richard Gledhill
Richard Gledhill

Head of Section, Project Engineering

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DNV was very thorough during the structural compliance review of our Skyline tracker. Their team proved to be very professional and knowledgeable about the specifics of trackers, which are very unique from a structural point of view. DNV’s deep scrutiny provided reassurance about the the adequacy and reliability of our design.
Pedro Magalhães,
  • Director, Global Engineering and R&D
  • Arctech Solar
Thanks to DNV for their professional and high-efficient services. They have given great help to Arctech Solar in entering the Australian PV market. We look forward to a close and ongoing cooperation in the future.
Andrew Huang,
  • Country Manager, Australia
  • Arctech Solar
DNV's reputation is among the top of the industry. We have the confidence to assign any testing and review of Arctech's solar trackers to this very professional team. Their work undoubtedly facilitates the clients' understanding and also increases Arctech's recognizability.
Yang Guo,
  • Business Development Manager, Australia
  • Arctech Solar