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Competitive advantage through supply chain resilience


The survey was conducted in June-July 2020 using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) methodology. It involved 1,142 customers of DNV GL – Business Assurance across different industries in Europe, North America, Central & South America and Asia.

The sample does not claim to be statistically representative of companies worldwide. For further information, please see the full study.

A total of 120 companies in the sample were identified as LEADERS based on a list of attributes defined by the project team.

LEADERS represent 10.5 % of the total respondents; the analysis of their answers offers insights into the best practices and mindset of the companies with more mature approaches to supply chain resilience.

Additional Notes 

  • Green circles in charts: significantly above average data. Red circles: significantly below average data.
  • Supply chain position: Companies mainly buyers versus mainly suppliers in a standard supply chain.
  • Sustainability help resilience: Retain that a more sustainable supply chain is also a more resilient supply chain.
  • Small / large companies: Small companies (<100 employees) versus large companies (>= 500 employees).
  • Spread SC: Domestic versus International + Global.