Online self-assessment suite

A management system’s ability to support your business goals relies on how well it is designed, implemented and improved. DNV’s online self-assessment suite helps measure your own understanding of a chosen standard and the actual readiness of your management system. The report generates a scored assessment, revealing what works well and where there are gaps to be improved.

The self-assessment suite covers all the most commonly used management system standards from quality and environment to food safety. Based on our experts’ knowledge of the standards, auditing expertise and data, you get an in-depth understanding of your readiness, a baseline toward the standard and where to target improvement efforts.

How does it work?

For each standard there are about 100+ questions for you to self-assess against. You can also insert comments on areas of improvements or noteworthy efforts (best practices). It is comprehensive, but the tool lets you stop at any time to resume later at your convenience.

Once done, a report is generated with a detailed score, showing your degree of control overall and within each clause of the chosen standard.  It is also possible to get access to one of our subject matter experts, who can provide more insight into your results and how most peers successfully close such gaps.

Continually improve your management system

You get a quantitative baseline against the chosen standard and you can set internal benchmarks for different sites. It provides an efficient, structured approach when preparing for a certification audit or as an effective tool to drive continual improvement at any time. As it allows for setting quantitative targets for specific areas, you can regularly measure progress and degree of control. This enables DNV’s certification customers to continually measure and improve the performance of their management system.

Putting your knowledge into action

The self-assessment suite is also developed to support your individual learning. After completion of a DNV training courses, you can extend the learning process into your working environment. The self-assessment tool and its themed checklists provide automated feedback on how well you understand the standard. This lets you efficiently practice and implement learnings directly into your organization.

A total journey

The self-assessment suite is part of our range of digital tools developed to add value throughout the training and certification journey. From training and preparing for your first audit to improving your management system and maintaining your certification, our offer always includes our technical experts, risk-based approach and digital tools.

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