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Unlocking a Future of Growth for QHSE Leaders

Leveraging Synergi Life to drive continuous improvements in your organization.

The role of Quality and HSE managers is twofold. They need to both document and manage the current status and concerns as well as continuously aim to improve program performance and engagement. It can be challenging to maintain control over existing initiatives while driving change for a variety of reasons including operation complexity, resource constraints, change management, or lack of data.

Besides improving the safety and quality of your organization there are other benefits of annual program improvements:  

Regulation compliance: Regulations and standards governing health, safety, and environmental practices are constantly evolving. Continuous improvement ensures that organizations stay compliant with these regulations, avoiding fines, penalties, and legal issues.  

Cost reduction: Improving efficiency and effectiveness in QHSE programs can lead to cost savings. By identifying and addressing inefficiencies, organizations can reduce waste, minimize rework, and optimize resource utilization. 

Competitive advantage: Prioritizing improvements in quality and HSE management programs improves company reputation, attracts customers and employees, and helps to differentiate an organisation from its competitors.  

Are you already using Synergi Life to help manage Quality and HSE programs?

Here are a few tips to help leverage the system to drive improvements:

Analyse data trends

Regularly review the information and trends in Synergi Life. It’s a good idea to review trends to prioritize improvement potential. Don’t forget to review causation trends, risk profiles, incident frequencies, equipment failure trends as well as human failure trends to identify patterns that mitigation initiatives may help to prevent.  

Customize dashboards

Create dashboards and reports to support alignment and track progress against KPIs. Selection, Frequency, and Risk reports can be used to support the different KPI factors. Predefined filters like “Cases in process” or “Actions in process” help to easily create reports for common KPIs.  

Customize report layouts

Try a variety of layouts to ensure that your report is easily understood. A heatmap may provide a better representation of your data than a table in some cases. For example, try using a heatmap to highlight areas with many open cases.  

Group data

By grouping your data with categories like “Status”, “Case type”, “Action – Responsible unit”, you’ll have a more structured view of your KPIs.  

Schedule reports

Set up schedules so your reports run automatically at specific periods like monthly and quarterly. This keeps quality and HSE initiatives top of mind in your organizations and encourages group alignment.

The utilization of Synergi Life as a driver for continuous improvement extends beyond management efforts and signifies a commitment to organizational excellence and innovation. By analyzing data trends, customizing dashboards, and scheduling reports, organizations establish a culture of proactive enhancement and efficiency. Synergi Life serves as more than just a tool; it becomes the cornerstone of organizational transformation, fostering a competitive edge and sustained success. This progress and approach enable businesses to navigate challenges, optimize resources, and exceed quality and HSE standards.

In essence, Synergi Life empowers organizations to not only manage the present but also enable a future of growth and excellence – Contact DNV today and find out Synergi Life can support your organization.

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