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Standardizing Battery Performance Testing: DNV’s New Recommended Practice

New document provides standardized testing protocols for the battery industry

Ensuring the success of a battery storage project, whether linked with a solar project or stand-alone, depends almost entirely on the performance of the batteries themselves. Testing is the most certain way to understand battery performance for a given use case, but testing protocols are not standard across the industry, which creates uncertainty for battery project owners and developers who are looking for solid information on their chosen battery cell type. DNV recently published a new recommended practice that provides a blueprint for performance testing for battery cells in labs to ensure standardization throughout the industry and ensure all stakeholders receive reliable data. This recommended practice aims to harmonize the methods and procedures that are used to characterize and evaluate the degradation profiles of battery cells across different chemistries and testing variables.

The document, titled “DNV-RP-0577 Standardized Performance Testing of Battery Cells to Foster Industry Collaboration”, focuses on key components of a battery cell’s lifetime performance, specifically on how charging, discharging, the environment, and time affect the battery. It also provides guidance on how to design, conduct, and report battery cell tests to enable an industry-wide approach. Lastly it enhances the use of forecasting and simulation software, such as DNV’s Battery AI platform, by recommending test schemes that cover a variety of use cases. The document is based on a comprehensive review of the literature, as well as DNV’s experience and expertise in battery cell testing from managing the NY-BEST Battery Test Center and witnessing other tests since 2014.

The recommended practice will improve testing, and therefore battery storage project performance by:

  • Enabling effective and independent comparison of battery cell degradation across different labs and settings
  • Providing conclusive and relevant findings from battery cell test data for various applications and stakeholders
  • Supporting the development and validation of new battery cell technologies and products
  • Enhancing the understanding and dialogue among battery cell testers, EV designers, BESS project owners, and other parties

This recommended practice is the first of its kind in the field of battery cell testing and should serve as a valuable resource and reference for the battery cell testing community, creating a culture of best practices and excellence in battery cell testing. It will help to improve the quality, comparability and reliability of battery cell test results. The document is intended for researchers, engineers, technicians, students, and anyone who is involved or interested in battery cell testing. The document is freely available for a limited time download from DNV’s rules and standard website.

1/19/2024 3:00:00 PM

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