Standardizing additive manufacturing for the energy and maritime industries

Joint Industry Project

A joint industry project to standardize and optimize qualification processes for Additive Manufacturing (AM), reducing cost and environmental impact of production through AM, and enable the use of AM in applicable design applications in the Energy and Maritime sector.

DNV’s ProGRAM JIP concludes its 2nd phase and embarks on new industry challenges in the standardization of additive manufacturing (AM) for the Energy and Maritime industries. Phase 3 of the joint industry project will kick off in June 2022 with industry partners representing the whole value chain, and is currently ongoing.

Since the beginning of the ProGRAM JIP in January 2018, the joint industry project has, over two phases, developed and later improved a JIP guideline for qualification of AM processes and parts. The JIP guideline has later been released as DNV-ST-B203 – Additive manufacturing of metallic parts. The standard is bringing us closer to using AM on an industrial scale through defining conventional qualification processes, but also opening doors to new ways of doing qualification and quality control. However, there are still challenges to be solved before additive manufacturing can be used at its full potential in the Energy and Maritime industries.

ProGRAM JIP phase 3 is forming a consortium representing the whole supply chain, including field operators, EPC contractors, design owners, AM manufacturers, AM machine manufacturers and AM consumable suppliers. Through conducting real case studies, the JIP aims to build provisions for DNV-ST-B203 on the following topics:

  • Design for additive manufacturing - Bridging additive manufacturing to conventional design standards and material data sheets
  • Reporting on environmental impact of manufacturing - Identifying benefits with additive manufacturing and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting
  • Repair/remanufacturing - Offering a sustainable alternative using additive manufacturing
  • Post-processing programs - Identifying recommendations and challenges related to post-processing, i.e. feedstock handling, processing steps, heat treatment programs
  • Part families - Ensuring flexible build process qualifications to re-use qualifications for similar parts by defining families of parts.

The JIP is hosted in collaboration with Berenschot, in order to offer facilitation of practical use cases that allows participants to simulate the production setting of real parts with potential suppliers and customers.

In the DNV AM advisory team we believe additive manufacturing is an enabler. An enabler for replacing physical assets with digital assets. An enabler for quality control through monitoring instead of testing or inspection. An enabler for local manufacturing in a global market. An enabler for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and waste from manufacturing and logistics. An enabler for performance-oriented designs. There will be challenges along the way, but we are looking forward to working on solving them together with the industry.

ProGRAM JIP Phase 3 welcomes new participants. If you are interested in participating, contact us here.

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Stian Saltnes Gurrik

Stian Saltnes Gurrik

Principal Engineer

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