Sesam Manager brings complex analyses into common framework

Every Sesam analysis should start by opening Sesam Manager, where the power of the entire range of the Sesam tools is brought together in one integrated dashboard

Sesam Manager
Sesam Manager - one integrated dashboard

Sesam Manager, a free program for Sesam users, helps users manage their best engineering practice by creating and executing an analysis workflow based on previous practices.

Sincle, shared environment

It provides users with a single, shared environment for different Sesam modules and other applications – comprising all kinds of analysis needed. It supports any Sesam analysis, from simple to very complex. “No matter what type of analysis I am going to do, my first step is always to open Sesam Manager,” says Torgeir Vada, DNV - Digital Solutions Senior Principal Specialist.

Key benefits of Sesam Manager

  • One shared environment for different Sesam applications
  • Tutorials enable easy start with simple analysis
  • Quick learning curve, advancement to higher levels of complexity in a short time frame
  • Easy access to all Sesam user documentation and external attachments
  • Ability to manage complex analyses with many Sesam modules
  • Templates ensure use of best practice guidelines
  • Quick start - direct launch of interactive applicationModern, intuitive user interface
  • Flexible execution with Activity Run Monitor

Access to all the models

This is the case even if you are only running GeniE. "It takes just as few clicks to create a new GeniE document if you first start Sesam Manager and then GeniE, as it will if you open GeniE directly," he says. He recommends that GeniE users make Sesam Manager their main start-up program. One of the main benefits of using Sesam Manager is that it gives access to all the Sesam modules and takes care of the data flow between the modules. "You may start an analysis using only GeniE. But if you have started the project within Sesam Manager, when you want to run HydroD or DeepC, or anything else, you have access to everything right there. It’s all within Sesam Manager," says Vada.

Flexible software

DNV released Sesam Manager 6.2 software, which provides import from the 'classic' Sesam Manager 5.3. It includes an Activity Run Monitor for more flexible execution and the running of several activities in parallel. It gives easy access to all Sesam user documentation, for example user manuals. It allows user-defined activities, attachments of external documents to a project, and a more flexible export functionality.

Sesam Manager provides a useful search functionality that simplifies the process of keeping track of projects. Customer feedback so far, on both the previous version and the trial version of the new release, has been very positive.

"This is an attractive product for all of our Sesam users," says Vada.

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