Phast 3D Explosions - taking hazard analysis one step further

The risks associated with release of flammable or toxic materials needs to be analysed and understood to effectively manage them

Phast 3D Explosion software for hazard analysis

For over 20 years Phast software has enabled our customers in many industries across the world to successfully meet this challenge. The new Phast 3D Explosions brings advanced modelling capabilities to Phast.

Phast 3D Explosions fig1
Figure: Sample output of a range explosion overpressure results produced using Phast 3D Explosions. The contours shown are the combination of the results from a range of individuals scenarios.

A step change in consequence modelling

Phast 3D Explosions represents new technology in the field of consequence modelling. Analyses will be more efficient and realistic. Key capabilities in Phast 3D Explosions include:

  • Detailed vapour cloud explosion (VCE) modelling. Advanced implementations of the Multi-Energy and Baker-Strehlow-Tang explosion models that account for interaction of a flammable cloud profile with congested/confined regions of process plants in all three dimensions
  • Multi-scenario hazard contouring. Facilitates the creation of combined hazard contours resulting from a range of scenarios to a defined threat level (e.g. 0.1 barg overpressure) – particularly useful in examining the overall impact of a range of scenarios simultaneously
  • Detailed directional modelling. Allows considerations that apply in certain release directions (e.g. surface roughness and wind speed) to be taken into account as opposed to using global settings for all release directions

Consequence modelling gains new capabilities

The extension will be invaluable to customers in the following applications:

  • Facility siting/land use planning considerations
  • Occupied buildings analysis
  • Plant layout optimization
  • Establishing design blast loads for equipment or structures
  • Escalation analysis/Regulatory compliance/conformity

Key facts: Phast 3D Explosions

  • Brings advanced modelling capabilities to Phast, especially for vapour cloud explosions
  • Allows for the hazard ranges of multiple accidental releases to be combined and plotted as "hazard contours"
  • Enables more rigorous consequence-based calculations

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