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Functional Safety – Progress and pitfalls

Functional Safety – Progress and pitfalls

The implementation of effective functional safety is invaluable in ensuring that safety critical control and protective systems are appropriately specified, designed, installed and maintained.

Through the IEC functional safety standards the concepts of the Safety Lifecycle and Safety Integrity Levels are now well known. However, DNV’s experience from numerous projects across different industry sectors suggests that there remain challenges to be overcome.

Customers often struggle in implementing effective functional safety, and request support either during the design and development process, or through independent assessment and verification.

The life cycle of a safety instrumented system is complex and requires a clear understanding of the operating environments and constraints.

Taking a Broader view on functional safety
To further enhance the industry competence around functional safety we’re therefore inviting you this summer to join us in a series of free-to-air webinars in which we will be exploring and sharing some of our insights, experiences and stories.

We will kick off the series with a webinar which will explore DNV’s experience of the progress made over recent years in functional safety and discuss the challenges and pitfalls we have witnessed with reference to common findings from Functional Safety Assessments carried out by DNV’s expert consultants. We’ll also share our ideas about how an effective application of the standard can reduce risk and save costs, and we’ll also give a brief overview of the IEC 61511 second edition.

Though focused on our work in the process sector, the webinar may also be useful for those from other industries who use either the umbrella IEC 61508 or an industry specific standard.

Interesting right? Please join us on June 8th and register at our sign up page!

Info: The first webinar is schedule for 1030 (BST) on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016, presented by our certified functional safety expert Chris Parr. Not able to attend? Please register as we will send out the slides and the recording after the webinar to all registrants.

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