Oil and gas

Collaboration to improve safety

Managing safety in a changing time

If you want to move fast – go alone. If you want to go far – move together. In our more than 150 years’ history, DNV has taken an active role to drive the development of harmonised requirements, cooperation between stakeholders and new knowledge and technologies. This long history is a demonstration that the market is very receptive to ideas that enable our clients to work smarter and cut costs, without compromising safety or quality.

Our clients are also very clear that HSE is not an area of competition – rather it is an area where collaboration and sharing of best practices benefits everybody; from creating safer working conditions for the people in the sharp end, to safer and more efficient resource utilization with reduced losses on an industry and societal scale. For us the model of joint industry projects has proven to be an excellent way for productive industry collaboration. A joint industry project (JIP) is a R&D project executed in cooperation with one or more industry partners, where the execution phase of the project normally is funded by the partners. In 2015, DNV – Oil & Gas has identified 130 JIP ideas, of which 60 will be tested out in the market. Of the 60 ideas to be tested, more than 10 are related to safety specifically – such as Qualification of Arctic Emergency Response Concepts, Optimized explosion ventilation and explosion design for FLNGs and New Industry Standard for Ship Collision Risk Assessment. The JIPs give tangible and valuable results – for the people working with the JIPs the personal value is networking, experience sharing and competence build together with others that share a sincere interest in a safer and more cost efficient industry.

For more information about DNV’s JIP work please contact Hans.Axel.Bratfos@dnvgl.com.