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24 Women working toward the future of energy and engineering

Women Working Toward the Future of Energy and Engineering

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Bethany Genier

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Sunday, June 23, 2019 marks the sixth annual International Women in Engineering Day!

Launched in 2014 by the UK based Women’s Engineering Society, Women in Engineering Day celebrates females from across the globe within the field of engineering.

As the field continues to grow, DNV is proud to have so many female engineers focused on tracks throughout the energy industry. DNV has thousands of women working in various aspects of the organization, and this is just a snapshot into the many incredible things our experts are doing to advance the future of energy.

Here are some of our expert engineers working towards a safer, smarter and greener future:

Lucy Craig has 30 years of experience in the industry (with 22 years at DNV!) and is currently the Vice President and Director of Technology and Innovation leading our digitalization efforts.

Global Service Area Leader of DNV’s Renewables Advisory services, Katy Briggs took her interest in understanding the numbers and found that in the United States 50% of the Environmental Engineering degrees were earned by women,

Head of Section for DNV’s Solar Due Diligence section, Anat Razon, join the field of engineering in part because she believes “women are underrepresented in the field of engineering and wanted to be part of a change”.

Sally Wright brings over 18 years of experience in wind power to specialize in wind turbine technology due diligence, with a current focus on mergers and acquisitions.

Sally Starnes brings her experience in mechanical engineering to support the development of wind farms from overall project operation to the evaluation of wind turbine performance and reliability.

Starting with DNV in April of 2019, Tu Ying is one of the newest engineers to join the organization and holds a Ph.D. in offshore wind turbine technology.

Victoria Carey‘s love for the environment, math and science led to her choice of career in engineering. She has a background in chemical engineering and now works with our energy storage team.

To work towards combating climate change, Bianca Harris started a career in the renewable energy sector and works as a civil and structural engineer in the Pacific Project Engineering Services (PE) team.

When she isn’t building her own tiny house, Jennifer McWilliams is assessing and improving the energy efficiency of buildings as a Senior Engineer in our Sustainable Energy Use section.

Joanne Bu Juyan uses her background in mechanical engineering to review the mechanical structures of casting, welding and forged components for DNV.

Meghan Reha is not only a Wind Turbine Engineer, currently focused on turbine technology due diligence, but an agitator for increased and transparent diversity within the organization.

As a Senior Consultant with a background in mechanical engineering, Dan Feng provides expertise in building energy efficiency program evaluation, measurement and verification, savings development, strategic planning, design, implementation and analysis.

Karen McGinley brings out her creative side through scrapbooking, and experience in engineering to the Business Energy Services incentive program for NV Energy through her work in energy analysis, program implementation, and quantitative research.

Bringing her 19 years of experience in the industry (16 of which have been with DNV!), Tamara Kuiken is Head of Department of DNV’s Energy Insights service line where she oversees over 30 engineers.

Anna Moser grew up wanting to understand how all forms of machines and technology work, which led to a career doing just that as Lead for DNV’s Wind Independent Engineering Team.

Now based in DNV’s Signapore office, Kelsey Yates, is bringing her experience in energy engineering and solar to a role in providing technical due diligence and solar energy assessments for the Asia Pacific region.

Mary Prabha Samson, a Senior Engineer in Renewables Certification, focuses her civil engineering background on concrete and steel structures of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

As an Energy Engineer with a background in civil engineering, Ibironke Ogunye, works within Business Energy Services within DNV’s Program Development and Implementation service line.

Pia Redanz almost became a doctor when choosing her career path, but switched over to engineering and has been “happy with that spontaneous decision ever since”. Now she is a Senior Principal Engineer and leads the section in Copenhagen working on loads and site conditions wind projects.

Not only a volunteer within her community and outdoor enthusiast, Julie Chandler, is an Energy Efficiency Engineer working on energy saving strategies for private and public sectors, research and analysis, and much more!

Peerawan Tadpikultong specializes in energy yield assessments, energy audits and validations for solar PV projects while working on ground-mounted, solar rooftop, and floating solar projects.

Based out of our office in India, Silpa Babu, brings her 19 years of renewable energy experience and background in electrical engineering to our solar advisory team.

Xue Hou, another expert with a background in mechanical engineering, is based in China as a Blade Engineer for our Renewables Certification section.

Maura Nippert “fell in love with engineering when I realized how well it bridged two great interests (mathematics and art)”, and now is a Senior Engineer is our Energy Insights section.

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Contact us:

Bethany Genier

Bethany Genier

Marketing and Communications Team Lead, Energy Systems North America

Phone: +1 781 393 7000