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Lean & Green

Building sustainable and cost-efficient supply chains

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To aid businesses in the transition to 'lean and green' supply chains, our Lean & Green industry report provides valuable insights on how to be equally committed to sustainability and cost efficiency without compromising either.

The report dives into several crucial issues underpinning the challenges related to supply chain sustainability, including:

  • How a fast-evolving sustainability regulatory framework is taking shape in Europe, which significantly increases costs and risk for large companies with complex supply chains.
  • How Procurement and Supply Chain managers can meet the new regulations when equipped with a verified understanding of the lifecycle costs and sustainability impact of their materials and other inputs.
  • How to verify Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) in a more transparent and rigorous fashion than is currently the norm, to comply with echoed France‚Äôs Climate and Resilience Law.
  • What can be done to reduce siloed procurement and inability to model product life cycles, which prevent from enjoying the mutual benefits of supply chain sustainability and cost efficiency.
  • Why developing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) capabilities is crucial for supply chain resilience and how to adopt a leading practice in LCA management.
  • What are the biggest barriers to implementing cost-efficiency and sustainable supply chains.
  • How digital transformation can help organizations optimize both cost and sustainability without compromise.
  • Five guiding principles on how to achieve lean and green digital transformation.