Public impartiality statement


DNV recognizes the importance of performing our classification, certification and verification services in an impartial and independent manner. 

Safeguarding our objectivity and integrity by avoiding conflicts of interests is fundamental to maintaining the trust of customers, stakeholders, employees, and the public. 

DNV is committed to complying with applicable impartiality requirements flowing from laws, regulations, accreditations, and standards. 

DNV has established and follows internal policies and procedures that ensure that any actual or potential risk of conflict of interest is properly identified, mitigated, and documented. 


DNV is dedicated to acting with integrity and conducting business in an ethical and professional manner. Our internal policies and procedures describe what is considered a risk of conflict of interest and how such a risk shall be managed. 

DNV ensures that there is no conflict of interests between the services offered within the DNV Group. DNV does not offer classification, certification or verification activities in combination with advisory or design services in circumstances where such combination represents a conflict of interest. 

DNV’s Code of Conduct requires all employees to act impartially and disclose any interest that might be perceived as affecting DNV’s decision-making. Employees are also offered impartiality training.

DNV’s Supplier Code of Conduct requires all suppliers and subcontractors to avoid any conflict of interests that may adversely influence business relationships. Impartiality is safeguarded by internal procedures and tools that monitor and identify risk of conflict of interests across all business areas and services globally. Any identified risks are managed and documented according to internal procedures.

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