DNV Ventures - Who we are

DNV Ventures was set up in 2020 in response to the energy transition and digital transformations facing our key industries. Our search for startup talent is acknowledgment that even a company of experts like ours must look beyond its own four walls to rise to these opportunities.

About DNV

We are a world leading provider in our market segments: maritime, oil and gas, energy, business assurance, and digital solutions.

We are expanding into healthcare, food and beverages.

We are a body of deep technical expertise and detailed market insights in more than 100 countries.

At our core, we manage risk, assure product quality and certify management systems.

Why we invest

We are investing to support our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment.

We aim to shape the next generation of data science applications and digitalized services.

We strive to balance DNV's internal innovation effort by strengthening our core business areas and by exploring new areas aligned to our business and R&D efforts.

How we work

We invest responsibly, in alignment with ethical and sustainable investment guidelines, into startups aiming to tackle challenges rising from global transformations.

In return for a 1% - 20% equity share, we provide access to our body of experts at the cutting-edge of new digital solutions across our core industries; facilitate connections to our 100,000 customers and partners; and open up access to our global distribution network.

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Technological developments over the next decade

We have entered a decade of transformation where the pace of the energy transition will be set and digital technologies underpinning industry 4.0 will mature from experimentation into large-scale application.

Delve into DNV's forecast of the most impactful technological developments leading us to 2030 through the video below:

Technology Outlook 2030