Ports: green gateways to Europe

Ten transitions to turn ports into decarbonization hubs

Ports can play a pivotal role in the world’s decarbonization challenge and provide a blueprint for industries and governments to transition to a cleaner energy future. This is because ports are a natural hotspot for sector coupling and energy system integration as they host many industry sectors, not just energy related (generation, grids, offshore wind) but also transport, tourism and manufacturing industries.

A new report - Ports: Green Gateways to Europe – written by DNV with input from Eurelectric, provides vital insights that can inspire the power sector and all stakeholders active in and around port to create strategies for business development and explore the decarbonisation potential at the gateway of all these sectors.

The report explores the expected impact of ten key green transitions on ports, and reveals:

  • The electrification and decarbonisation potential in European ports including a variety of industries and water transport
  • How stakeholders can transform and decarbonise ports and co-located industries
  • What are the barriers and the necessary measures, including regulatory, economic and technical to unleash this potential
  • The policies that we recommend for accelerating the decarbonisation of ports using electrification.