Cyber Security

Protecting critical infrastructure in the digital age

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Protecting critical infrastructure in the digital age

Today, cyber security is becoming a top concern for electric transmission and distribution companies, specifically utilities and system operators the energy industry. Cyber intrusions—intentional or unintentional—can have a significant impact on service continuity and safety. The development of internal controls for the control of utility processes and systems are becoming increasingly complex, and the critical nature of the utility infrastructure also has made it a target for sabotage, hackers, or even unintentional break-ins—which increase the risk of black-outs and outages driven by cyber-attacks.

For utilities and equipment suppliers who require third party assessment of their products, DNV’s cyber security health testing service provides independent third party testing services verifying the implemented level of security of the product and/or demonstrating (compliance to) the level of security as specified in the utilities requirement specification or products specification.