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New capabilities for seismic analysis of offshore wind structures in Sesam and Bladed

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Learn about the recent enhancements and verification of the latest release

Sesam has been extended to include seismic effects into the superelement for offshore wind support structures, allowing Bladed to use superelements in a seismic analysis. Sesam Wind Manager now also supports application of different seismic accelerations or displacements at different points in the structure, for example to include variation of seismic loading over depth. Load result verification will be presented from the superelement and integrated design workflows including seismic effects in Bladed and Sesam.


  • Recent enhancements in Sesam for seismic analysis for fixed OWT
  • Demo: How to generate a superelement in Sesam for seismic analysis
  • Verification: comparison of superelement and integrated approach in Bladed

This webinar video is relevant for:

Offshore wind support structure designers and wind turbine designers working on structures in seismically active areas.

About the speakers:

Laurens Alblas has been working in DNV at Høvik, Norway, since 2012 and has a background in aerospace engineering and wind energy. He is responsible for the Sesam software for strength assessment of offshore wind structures, and further improving and optimizing the way strength assessment software is being used in the offshore wind industry. 

William Collier is the Product Manager for Bladed, responsible for the strategic direction of the product and prioritisation of developments. His technical background is in wind turbine structural dynamics, loads analysis and numerical modelling.