Insight & training

Create a powerful force of defence through insight and training schemes that ensure all stakeholders in your organization play a role in outsmarting cyber attackers and avoiding cyber incidents.

Reduce the likelihood of attacks and the potential impact of unforeseen events by providing your people with the tools and awareness they need to shield your organization from harm.

Build a culture of security by informing and empowering all stakeholders across your organization, from the employees in control rooms to operators of critical infrastructure, cyber security teams and vendors across your supply chain.

Put your people front and centre of cyber security protocols

Cyber security protection policies are only as strong as the weakest link in the security chain, and your people play a critical role in defending your organization from cyber attacks. As the first line of defence, the greater your people’s knowledge is of cyber security risks, the more effective your cyber security protocols are against threats to your operational technology (OT) and IT systems and networks.

Hackers will find and exploit any vulnerability. Make sure your workplace is risk-aware, and implement prevention and response best practices with clear and practical advice from DNV.

Our insight & training services

DNV creates insight and training schemes that place your people at the heart of your organization’s cyber security strategy & programme, including:

  • Cyber security awareness training
    Prepare to prevent and contain cyber attacks by building fundamental awareness across your control and operation rooms. DNV provides tailored training schemes on digital and physical security for all employees, including specific programmes for offshore operators of OT infrastructure.
  • Cyber security awareness testing
    Safeguard your organization by identifying critical gaps in knowledge or internal training. Raise awareness and change behaviour through our phishing simulation tests.
  • Advanced training for cyber security teams
    Up-skill the employees responsible for your security protocols and response plans. DNV provides practical table-top exercises based on real-world cyber attacks to put your specialists through their paces.
  • Maritime cyber security awareness e-learning
    Raise cyber security responsiveness of your crews and shore staff through our e-learning course.

Why work with DNV?

DNV combines in-depth knowledge of OT and IT systems and networks with experience in operations, operational scenarios and cyber threat scenarios. We provide targeted and industry-specific insight and training schemes that enable organizations to build a powerful force of defence against cyber attacks and incidents.