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Towards a more perfect weather selection

Solar Leadership Webinar Series

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The use of on-site meteorological data to create “tuned” satellite weather files for solar energy assessments has become more common as projects have ballooned in capacity. On-site data intuitively provides confidence in the local irradiance. But does that confidence hold up to rigorous statistical evaluation? In this webinar, DNV’s experts will discuss methodology to leverage on-site measurements for the most accurate weather file selection while reducing overall uncertainty in the energy assessment process, covering: 
  • The hidden pitfalls of defaulting to on-site measurements as the single source of truth for irradiance. 
  • Advanced statistical methods for minimizing overall uncertainty by using multiple available weather files. 
  • The value of on-site measurements when utilized appropriately to minimize uncertainty and boost project economics.
  Solar energy assessment validation

Solar energy assessment validation

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  Addendum to the 2019 Solar Energy Assessment Validation Study

Addendum to the 2019 Solar Energy Assessment Validation Study

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