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Solar Leadership 2022 webinar series part 1

How to build technical and financial resilience against hail, hurricane, and wildfire for solar farms

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As extreme weather becomes more common and severe due to climate change, utility scale solar projects are increasingly exposed to weather threats not previously experienced. Early projects have already seen multi-million dollar damage, in some cases +USD 100 million loss at a single asset, due to hail and hurricanes, which are driving up insurance costs. Our presenters will highlight the work developers can do in the pre-construction phase to identify natural catastrophe project risks, the possible impacts and the mitigations possible through design or technology choices, and potential implications for insurance or insurance alternatives. Improve your long-term project operation and finances by making informed decisions early in project development.

  • Sergio Roldan (moderator) - Project Engineer
  • Hamid Gerami - Civil Engineer
  • Don Nista – Head of Knowledge at Raptor Maps
  • Thomas Johansmeyer – Head PCS at Verisk