Interactive Offshore Wind Training Course


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DNV’s 3-day Interactive Offshore Wind Training Course is an accelerated, yet comprehensive synopsis of the North American offshore wind industry. Our public course is live and 100% virtual to accommodate most schedules. Attendees benefit from the expertise of some of the industry’s most experienced subject matter experts, having supported more than 90% of US offshore wind projects operating and developing and 97% of global offshore wind projects. Our instructors keep the course content relevant to the current state of the offshore wind market in North America making it ideal for attendees at most levels of industry experience.

Who Attends This Course?

The offshore wind industry in North America relies on a complex network of international and multidisciplinary organizations that can be difficult to understand and appreciate. DNV’s 3-day Interactive Offshore Wind Training Course provides practical knowledge and insight to industry newcomers and veterans to enhance their role in the industry. Offered twice yearly, the public 3-day virtual course is attended by developers, state and federal government agencies, technology designers and suppliers, vessel providers, operators, technicians, financiers, and other industry stakeholders and participants.  

We also provide private courses to address an organization’s unique perspectives and needs in the offshore wind industry. Private courses are primarily virtual with options to increase their value  to the participants by adding in-person sessions and focusing on on topics most valuable to them. A private training course for your team provides opportunities for team building, openly discussing confidential content during the sessions, and even tailoring some content to focus on your organization’s primary offshore wind objectives. Our clients have found that the course is excellent for onboarding new offshore wind employees even if they already have some industry exposure. 

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can have its own DNV Interactive Offshore Wind Training Course.

Why DNV’s Offshore Wind Training Course?

Our carefully curated training course is guided by our North American offshore wind industry experts, who have extensive experience in the industry and offer unparalleled insights rooted in DNV’s legacy in the global offshore wind industry. With DNV’s proven track record in advisory, finance due diligence, and certification, our course goes beyond theory.

Beyond Theory – Real-world Experiences: We bring theory to life by incorporating actual project scenarios and case studies, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. Our instructors draw on their experience gained from contributing to offshore wind projects through the project lifecycle and across various geographies. They bring their insights informed by the unique challenges and advancements that have shaped the offshore wind industry. Collaborative Learning: Our seasoned industry experts lead insightful discussions, creating a dynamic platform where participants not only learn theoretical concepts but also actively explore the intricacies of real-world challenges and solutions. Drawing from their extensive experience, our experts share unique perspectives on industry trends, evolving technologies, and nuanced considerations specific to North America and informed by European offshore wind experience. This interactive approach cultivates a collaborative learning environment, where training participants become contributors to a collective exploration of the industry.
Follow-Up: Our experts recognize that not all questions may be addressed live during the training period and make every effort to provide guidance on how deeper issues can be studied. Additionally, our public courses are recorded for the class, granting students the flexibility to revisit topics at their convenience or catch up on any missed sessions. The option for session recordings is available for our private training courses as well, though it remains at the discretion of the organization. This dual approach ensures that participants receive thoughtful attention to their inquiries while having access to valuable training content for later reference. Team Building: Our private courses have been used by our clients to onboard their growing offshore-wind team and refresh their team’s industry knowledge as a team building activity. The customization of our courses allows us to ensure that the content presented in our 3-day course is especially relevant to the participants.

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