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Maximize circularity at the lowest cost

ReWind ensures success and saves time at every phase of the project life cycle

What can ReWind do for you?

  • Cost-effectively increase asset circularity by comparing decommissioning scenarios and choosing service providers near you
  • Easily achieve project development milestones using trusted third-party data
  • Streamline project planning, decommissioning, procurement, financial modelling, and reporting processes
  • Benefit from expert guidance on assurance and reporting and scale your in-house technical competence
  • Connect to the widest network of sustainable decommissioning initiatives.

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Key features

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The new standard for circularity within renewable energy is here

Capital Dynamics

DNV’s ReWind’s recyclability study for our wind farms helped us gain a better understanding of the recyclability of the equipment, the existing and developing recycling methods, including for composite blade waste, and forecasted decommissioning costs. ReWind also provided recommendations for various stages of the project life cycle that we at Capital Dynamics hope to implement to minimize environmental impact and reduce lifetime emissions.

  • Gintare Briola ,
  • Head of Portfolio Management ,
  • Capital Dynamics

ReWind is a valuable tool for assisting with end-of-life financial accruals and provided a very thorough assessment of recyclability options for your assets and considerations to take on board – a highly recommended process to complete. ReWind provided a comprehensive process with an end product that’s presented in a very user-friendly format. Key areas were identified for addressing various stages of a project, development, construction, operation and end of life.

  • Feichin McCormack ,
  • Operations Engineer ,
  • Energia