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Pipeline corrosion analytics

Assessment of inline inspection data

Pipelines represent a huge investment and are required to operate continuously and safely for their entire design life. Corrosion can cause damage to the pipeline and affect the safe and efficient operation of the pipeline, which can lead to shut-down, lost production, and environmental contamination. Many factors can have impact on corrosion such as age, original construction specifications and type of pipeline operation, which determine the different pipeline materials being used. 

DNV is developing a tool to determine accurate and holistic pipeline integrity assessments and predictions of remaining operational life. The information will be delivered rapidly and independently through an interactive, online tool enabling enhanced corrosion management prescriptions and reduced/optimized pigging campaigns. The used pipeline corrosion analytics practices the methodology from DNV-RP-F101 Corroded pipelines to filter out echo loss and calculate burst capacity. Through interactive and innovative visualization to its users, the tool will deliver an overview of corrosion of the pipeline with the possibility to drill down and look at detailed data for local defects in individual joints.

Provided features and benefits:

  • Enables fast and efficient internal assessment of corrosion of complete pipelines based on inline inspection data
  • Supports cleaning of data
  • Permits burst capacity analysis
  • Enables estimation of corrosion rate
  • Delivers results through innovative and interactive visualization 
  • Facilitates fast turnaround from data to results.

Interested in more information or a demo of the test version? 

Please contact Anne Britt Høydal.