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The Leading Maritime Nations of the World (2018)

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Menon Economics and DNV GL are proud to present "Leading Maritime Nations of the World" 2018. The new report follows up the 2017 report by Menon and DNV GL on the Leading maritime capitals of the World 2017, but shifts the focus to an extensive review of the maritime industry at the national level.

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The Leading Maritime Nations of the World 2018

The benchmarking study digs into a broad range of indicators on maritime capabilities and performance, and the research provides a holistic perspective of countries that influence the shape of the future international maritime activities in the world to stakeholders in the maritime industry.

Four main groups are considered:

  • Shipping
  • Maritime finance & law
  • Maritime technology
  • Ports & logistics

The benchmarking study was formed based on the deep dive analysis of the quantitative statistical information gathered from widely used and renowned source; where after the selected 30 leading maritime nations were ranked by size and magnitude on all four dimensions of maritime activities and their sub-groups. With shipping sector being a main engine of the entire maritime industry, more weight-age was given to the shipping sector. 

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