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Progress in clean energy is narrowing climate change scenarios. How is it shaping up on the grid?

Catalyst Podcast features DNV's Nick Brod and Marion Hill

'The trends shaping the energy transition'

Episode Description

We are headed into an uncertain future for the climate – but the range of possible scenarios is getting clearer. We’ve likely avoided the worst-case scenarios, thanks to the progress made in clean energy. And that has experts feeling conflicted.

“People who are deep in the industry of trying to address climate change flip flop from skepticism to the amazing opportunity we have,” says DNV Senior Vice President Nick Brod. “Every few weeks, we see new technologies that show us that there is endless potential to make things more and more efficient.”

“We definitely have a lot of the technologies in wind and solar and storage – and there continues to be breakthroughs,” says DNV Senior Vice President Marion Hill.

We have most of the tools available to slow climate change. So where are the opportunities? And what are the bottlenecks to growth?

In this special episode, produced in partnership with DNV, we feature a conversation between Stephen Lacey, Nick Brod, and Marion Hill about the trends reshaping supply and demand on the grid.

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Canary Media is an independent, nonprofit newsroom covering the transition to clean energy and solutions to the climate crisis. We report on how the world is decarbonizing — from electricity to transportation, buildings and industry — with a critical focus on finding out what works and what doesn’t. Through uncompromising reporting, our journalists dig into the ways businesses, policymakers, investors and communities are moving toward a clean and equitable energy future.


Marion Hill
Marion Hill

Service Area Manager, Renewables and Power Grids, North America

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Nick Brod
Nick Brod

Service Area Manager, Energy Management

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