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2024 DNV Advisory North America Operations and Maintenance Services

Helping you make strategic decisions to manage risks and reduce costs

An increase in installed wind capacity from 2022 to 2028 combined with evolving technologies and aging assets has created an exciting and challenging landscape for asset management.

DNV can help you navigate these challenges to mitigate risks and optimize the reliability of your renewable energy assets across the entire project lifecycle.


DNV is celebrating 160 years of helping customers all over the world evaluate asset health, identify risks, and implement mitigation strategies.

A focus on understanding operational risk and implementation of mitigation strategies will allow us all to move forward in the energy transition safely, efficiently, and effectively. DNV has identified seven vital areas where we want to support you in this process:

  • Blade diligence
  • Operational excellence
  • Life extension analyses
  • End of warranty inspections and component inspections
  • Root cause analysis
  • Forecasting operations and maintenance costs
  • Turbine loads and suitability assessment

For each of these areas, we have built tools, created expert teams, and developed experience-driven processes to help you ensure your operations are not exposed to unknown and unnecessary risks.

If risks are not identified and addressed, the full value of your assets’ life and energy production potential may not be realized.

Blade diligence

Blade reliability and durability is now a major challenge in wind turbine technology. Wind turbine blades, once low-maintenance components, have become a significant problem for many operators.

Blade design reviews, manufacturing facility evaluations, and pre-installation inspections are a few of the many available strategies that can be used to combat the growing number of challenges concerning blades.

Our whitepaper – The challenges of wind turbine blade durability – paper analyzes factors driving this shift across the blade lifecycle, drawing from DNV’s extensive experience in supporting owners, operators, and turbine manufacturers.

For further details, download the whitepaper.

Life extension analyses

As wind projects age, understanding how to continue to operate beyond the design life is crucial for optimizing maintenance spending and informing decisions around when to repower or decommission.

DNV’s expertise in wind turbine design, loads, and failure analysis enables tailored services, including life extension cost estimation, foundation evaluation, and risk strategy development. These services enhance cost-efficient energy production and support informed decision-making and helps to support the decision between life extension, repower, or partial-power.

For further details download the life management services flyer and the foundation repowering flyer.

Component inspection

Inspection services cater to wind assets, ensuring their reliable and cost-effective operation. With a focus on safety and quality, DNV provides expert site inspections and analysis.

For long-term project reliability, DNV assesses equipment condition, minimizing risks related to manufacturing defects, warranty claims, and unplanned maintenance. Our services cover turbine inspections, construction quality, risk-based optimization, and asset valuation.

In addition to inspection of wind assets, DNV can offer inspections solutions for your solar or storage facilities.

For further details download the inspection services flyer.

Root cause analysis

Our energy experts work with owners, operators, insurers, and manufacturers, to provide services such as scene processing, material testing, and performance data analysis.

Whether addressing thermal damage, mechanical issues, or blade failures, DNV’s expertise supports informed decision-making and risk reduction.

For further details download the root cause analysis flyer.

Forecasting Operation and Maintenance Costs

Costs are estimated using proprietary DNV tools and database including a probabilistic representation of scheduled, unscheduled, and balance of plant operation and maintenance costs.

Many costs associated with unscheduled maintenance stem from major component replacement or refurbishment such as the generator, gearbox, blades, yaw system, pitch system, hydraulics, converters, transformer, and main bearings.

Models can be modified to include historical operational data and component failure to gain a better understanding of future operations and maintenance costs.

For further details, reach out to Paul Lawson.

HSE compliance management

Owners of energy projects and industry assets are confronted with a complex and extensive regulatory framework. They need assurance that they are in compliance with all regulation, not to mention developing international frameworks to support corporate responsibility. DNV is the leading service provider in the energy industry advising companies on HSE risk arising from regulatory compliance, a company's drive towards corporate responsibility, or simply as a matter of keeping life, property and the environment safe.

DNV approaches HSE risk at both the project, or asset level, and at the corporate level leveraging internationally-recognized environmental and social frameworks, like Equator Principles, to assess project-level risks and DNV's International Sustainability Rating System (ISRS) to assess corporate-level risk. We assist our customers on the operation of their assets, providing upfront advisory services as well as back-end due diligence services to ensure HSE processes are in compliance with regulatory and bespoke standards of operation.

For further details about our key services download the HSE compliance management flyer or contact

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