DNV GL announces partnership with CO2focus

DNV GL- Business Assurance is now established as the data assurance partner for CEMAsys sustainability reporting online platform customers

Companies face increasingly complex requests and needs for sustainability performance data.  Collecting and managing these data can become extremely time consuming, with risks that data quality and integrity will be compromised at any stage.  Without efficient and reliable ways to manage data, insights into performance and trends are difficult to achieve, and valuable opportunities lost.  With data quality at risk, the credibility of claims and decisions based on these data are low, and trust in the company diminished.

CO2focus are the developers of a cloud-based sustainability reporting platform called CEMAsys, where companies can collect, measure, store and manage all corporate sustainability data in one place.  The platform contains different modules for reporting aspects on carbon footprint, environmental, health/safety, deviation, CSR and Supply Chain.  Accredited by the CDP, CEMAsys is trusted by many of the largest Nordic companies. The partnership establishes DNV GL – Business Assurance as the data assurance partner for the CEMAsys online platform customers.  

“Driven by our expertise in data quality, and reputation as a trusted partner combined with extensive experience in sustainability assurance, DNV GL has a portfolio of independent assurance services that will support companies with a seamless approach throughout the process.  Our teams understand not only the processes for collecting and collating data within CEMAsys, but also how to undertake suitable checks on the accuracy, completeness and reliability of these data” says Jon Woodhead, Regional Assessment Services Manager, DNV GL – Business Assurance.   

A one-stop shop
Through the partnership, DNV GL and CO2focus offer valuable advantages to CEMAsys customers as companies can benefit from a “one-stop”’ and co-ordinated package for data management and assurance. Using the CEMAsys digital platform, data management and assurance can be co-ordinated, with transparent audit records to increase integrity and credibility.  Assurance of data is seen by users of these data as an essential requirement for trust and reliability.

In line with the requirements of GRI, CDP and ISAE3000, DNV GL offers a range of independent assurance services in addition to verification of greenhouse gas emission inventories and carbon footprints in accordance with ISO 14064/67.  For CEMAsys customers looking to achieve management systems certification for the first time or significantly increase the business value and insight from existing certification processes, DNV GL - Business Assurance provides the full range of certification services including certification against the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001/OHSAS 18001 standards.

Says Jon Woodhead, “While the credibility of the assurance team is the foundation of building trust, assurance services must also evolve to the new digital environment.  CEMAsys platform users can now benefit from our detailed understanding of the system, enabling a more efficient and effective assurance process that will deliver increased business value.  Our co-ordination with CO2focus will provide customers with a complete solution to data management and assurance needs.”

Says Per Otto Larsen, Head of CSR Services for CO2focus, “CEMAsys is the market’s leading digital platform for sustainability data management across Nordic countries.  Through our partnership with DNV GL, we can offer our customers the highest levels of quality, efficiency and value.  Together, CO2focus and DNV GL are your trusted partners for sustainability data management, assurance and certification.” More information: dnvgl.se  

For further information, please contact:

Trine Kopperud Ph.: +47 952 80 174
eMail: Trine.Kopperud@dnvgl.com

Per Otto Larsen
eMail: perotto@co2focus.com

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