Hundreds of new cyber threats are emerging every day as hackers become faster and more creative.

DNV combines specialist knowledge of your industry with deep engineering expertise and security best practice to secure your projects and operations.

  • Know your risks: Discover your vulnerabilities before hackers do. DNV assesses your critical infrastructure from every angle, identifying the vulnerabilities and non-conformities you must address to stay confidently cyber secure.
  • Build a powerful force of defence: Put the right people, processes, and technologies in place to build an effective defence against threats. We offer practical, unbiased advice on solutions to defend your business and, if an attack occurs, we help you to recover efficiently.
  • Win stakeholder support: Build the trust and support you need to meet your cyber security goals. DNV provides cyber security solutions for the real world, helping everyone in your organization to play a role in fighting cyber criminals.
Cyber Security - DNV
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We combine 20 years of cyber security experience with more than 150 years of industry domain and critical infrastructure engineering expertise. We bring experience in complex critical infrastructure projects, from assisting advanced cruise vessels and remotely controlled oil and gas fields to establishing the European Union’s IT security requirements. We invest 5% of our revenue in research and innovation, including collaboration with industry and academia on cyber-physical technologies. We help you meet and exceed national and international industry standards and recommended practices including IEC 62443, NIST, DNV-RP-G108, DNV-RP-0496 and DNV-RP-0575.

“The combination of cyber security expertise and in-depth knowledge of maritime regulation and control systems is what makes DNV unique in this context. It was a positive experience to have a cyber security expert on board who was able to talk to the crew as well as understand the vessel's maritime systems and find their way around the vessel.”

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Cyber security for the real world

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