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Easy access to every course

The new LMS platform allows you to easily enroll in all courses of interest, create a personal profile and track your learning history.  Check your training progress and access course information in a quicker and more comprehensive way.

What are the main benefits?

  • Easy access and personalization:
    • Go to the course registration page with the click of a button 
    • Register/Login to our digital customer portal, the Veracity Marketplace, for personalized end-to-end management of your training experience.  
    • Enroll colleagues or partners
  • Course information instantly available:
    • Available locations immediately visible
    • Number of seats available always updated

  • Clear overview of courses:
    • Complete training catalogue available on the LMS platform
    • Search by keyword
    • Search by category
    • Search by course type (classroom or e-learning).

  • Intuitive e-commerce environment:
    • Easy-to-use online purchasing module
    • Shopping cart functionality for easier registration
    • Smooth entering of company‚Äôs billing data 

  • Efficient management of training journey: 
  • Notification emails along every step of the training 
  • Immediate access the certificate and customer satisfaction survey 

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