Training methodology and benefits

DNV’s training methodology incorporates holistic approach, combining real-world auditor experience, industry expertise and extensive data analysis. The LMS (Learning Management System) provides a platform easily access our training portfolio, allowing learners to customize their experience and ensure the whole process is effective, transparent and user-friendly.

Training methodology

DNV’s training methodology is a testament to its innovative approach to professional development. By leveraging the expertise of auditors who are also seasoned trainers, We ensure that our training is not only informative but also relevant and engaging. Here’s how that methodology stands out:

  • Real-world experience and expertise: DNV trainers are more than just educators; they are auditors with hands-on experience in the field. They bring best practices making them tangible and relevant to your specific context. By drawing on extensive audit data and industry expertise, DNV provides knowledge that translates into action.
  • Knowledge from global interactions: DNV’s training, built on extensive knowledge from global customer interactions, transforms this information into a dynamic learning experience, enhancing post-training understanding and prioritization for system improvement.
  • Focus on key importance: DNV’s training methodology allows you to focus on areas of key importance to your company. It helps establish a more efficient internal audit program, ensuring that the learning experience is not just theoretical but also highly practical.
  • Consultant empowerment: If you’re a consultant, DNV’s training equips you with the knowledge to support companies effectively on their certification journey.
  • Peer-to-peer learning: DNV trainers share their extensive auditor experience and industry expertise, complemented by advanced analysis of millions of audit findings from 70,000 customers worldwide. This approach goes beyond theory, providing factual insights and a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities experienced by your peers.
  • Creative and dynamic learning: DNV believes in active learning environments where participants are engaged and involved. Recognizing that individuals learn differently, DNV’s select team of trainers deliver best-practice learning methods, to create a dynamic and creative learning environment suitable for every participant.
  • Relevance to your company and sector: The training is designed to be highly relevant to your company’s context. You gain unique insights through the auditors’ experiences and analytics of other companies’ management system performance. The data connects theory to practice and is pertinent to your sector, providing insights into trends and benchmarks within your industry.
  • Lumina™ performance benchmarking: DNV’s Lumina™ performance benchmarking tool is a key component of the training. Certified companies have access to Lumina dashboards and industry reports for deeper understanding, allowing for instant deep-dives into data and further benchmarking of their own performance. Lumina turns data into insight, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions.
  • Self-assessment suite: All DNV training delegates gain access to the online tool which facilitates deeper learning and gives the possibility to keep learning and apply your knowledge after every training. You can conduct self-assessments based on specific management system standards and all our training participants gain access to it for free.

LMS (Learning Management System) benefits

DNV is committed to providing top-notch training experiences through our Learning Management System (LMS), an external platform designed to streamline and enhance the learning journey. Here’s how the LMS stands out:

  • Easy access and personalization: The LMS simplifies the process of managing your training experience. With just a click, you can navigate to the course registration page. The Veracity Marketplace, DNV’s digital customer portal, offers a personalized end-to-end management system. It’s not just about individual learning; you can also enroll colleagues or partners, making it a collaborative platform.
  • Instant course information: The LMS platform ensures that you have all the necessary course information at your fingertips. You can see available locations and the updated number of seats at a glance, ensuring you’re always informed about your training options.
  • Comprehensive course overview: With the complete training catalogue at your disposal on the LMS platform, finding the right course is a breeze. You can search by keyword, category, course type, whether it’s classroom-based or e-learning, tailoring your search to your specific needs.
  • Intuitive e-commerce experience: The LMS offers an intuitive e-commerce environment, complete with an easy-to-use online purchasing module. The shopping cart functionality streamlines the registration process, and entering your company’s billing data is smooth, secure and hassle-free.
  • Efficient training journey management: From start to finish, the LMS keeps you in the loop. You’ll receive notification emails at every step of your training journey. Once completed, you’ll have immediate access to your certificate and the customer satisfaction survey, closing the loop on a well-rounded training experience.


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