Structural analysis of MOUs - smart simulations

Ensure the structural integrity and reliability of Mobile Offshore Units. We use state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.

To document the structural integrity and reliability of Mobile Offshore Units, extensive strength and fatigue analyses are required by the class society or the national authorities.

We have many years of extensive experience with different types of strength and fatigue analysis for all kinds of Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs).

Direct calculation of wave loads and motions for the specific site are often required by the authorities. Thus, we use the latest cutting-edge software, which automatically transfers inertia loads and hydrodynamic pressure information from wave load analysis to Finite Element (FE) models. This ensures reliable, accurate calculations for documentation.

Our consultants possess world-leading expertise on engineering and technical aspects covering the lifespan of all kinds of MOU. They combine the strengths of practical experience from shipbuilding and offshore operations with extensive research and development in the offshore industry’s technological challenges to provide the highest level of structural analysis.

Structural assessment by DNV of Mobile Offshore Units offers many benefits:

  • Hull strength and fatigue analysis according to procedures required by relevant class or national authorities
  • Extensive experience with offshore structures within a range of relevant disciplines
  • Smart, practical suggestions for improving the design, based on extensive experience in research and development, analysis and operation
  • Cost-efficient, targeted use of high-performance material and resources
  • Enhanced safety against structural fatigue or buckling damage
  • Optimised use of material for reduced future repair costs and increased operational reliability
  • Tailor-made, analysis for all types of MOUs – jack-ups, FPSOs, drill ships, well intervention vessels and more