Lightweight structures and composites analysis

We offer instructions and recommendations for the use of composite materials for marine applications.

The reduction of fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs is vital for the maritime industry today. Using lightweight composite structures represents a unique opportunity, but implementation may be challenging.

As a designer, shipyard or shipowner you can greatly benefit from trusted expert advice when developing lightweight structure concepts.

Since the mid-1990s, the DNV composite group has been involved in many key civilian and military research and development projects. Likewise, we have been taking part in cutting-edge advisory and regulatory initiatives in the field of lightweight structures and composites.

Our thorough analysis approach covers all the relevant aspects and materials, including fibre-reinforced plastics, composites, sandwich plate systems (SPS), adhesive joints and more. This means we can support you in maximising the success of your innovative new ideas, so you can efficiently spend your resources on realistic designs and approaches.

We have already successfully assisted designers, shipyards and shipowners across a range of needs, amongst others:

  • Developing innovative structural concepts
  • Documenting compliance with classification rules and international regulations
  • Carrying out advanced FE analysis of structural response and strength
  • Designing and conducting material and structural test programmes

Lightweight structures advisory from DNV supports you in all your composite analysis:

  • Realistic and innovative structural concepts for superior feasibility
  • Advanced FE for solving complex structural problem and getting reliable results
  • Cost-efficient, reliable testing from a reputable, independent 3rd party institution providing a trustworthy data set