Structural capacity and accident scenarios

Ensure your vessel can stand up to extreme and accidental loads with a collision and impact assessment from the experts at DNV

Floating structures exposed to extreme or accidental loads are prone to sudden, violent collapse. State-of the-art methods and experience in failure modes and material models are essential for realistic risk assessment.

Over several decades now, DNV has been developing and investing heavily in research and development as well as innovation in the field of structural capacity and ultimate strength. Our aim is to be at the forefront of technological developments taking place regarding advanced structural analysis methods and tools.

Moreover, the mix of maritime and offshore expertise on structural strength makes for very strong teams. They deal with all types of problems: From early design challenges and in-service evaluations to troubleshooting and expanding the vessel’s lifetime.

Technical advisory services in the field of accident investigations are often linked to the knowledge of the applicable rules and regulations, both national and international. In combination with wide-ranging high technical skills, we ensure your need for an all-in-one solution is always in focus.

DNV is your reputable partner for determining the structural capacity of your vessel:

  • Profit from our extensive experience and material properties database
  • Interdisciplinary teams formed from fluid and structural experts
  • Acknowledged partner of national and international authorities and standardisation bodies
  • Be assured of a cooperative approach to understanding your perspective of the problem
  • Benefit from our expert technical skills and dedication at all levels
  • Be confident that a relevant project team is in place to solve your problem with the most suitable method and at short notice

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  Video case studies

Video case studies

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