Scrubbers – meeting the Global Sulphur Cap 2020 limits (October, 2018)

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DNV GL - Global sulphur cap 2020 guidance paper

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The world fleet has about 15 months to become compliant with the Global Sulphur Cap 2020, and many ship owners and operators are still uncertain about how to prepare for it. There are basically three possible solutions to comply: retrofit the system for alternative fuels (e.g. LNG), operate on compliant fuels (MGO/blends) or retrofit scrubber systems and operate on heavy fuel oil.

The webinar "Scrubbers – meeting the Global Sulphur Cap 2020 limits" covers:

  • Market overview and trends (review of the regulatory landscape)
  • Business case for scrubbers
  • Scrubber system design principles
  • Safety and reliability, operation and maintenance
  • Retrofit considerations, key learning points from our 150 previous projects
  • Approval & class: How to involve and deal with class for successful retrofit projects.

The webinar was presented by Stine Mundal, Project Manager Approval for Conversions and Scrubber Retrofits and Dag Sandal, Principal Consultant in Maritime Advisory, both DNV GL - Maritime.

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