Reducing risk in offshore wind installation

Remove uncertainties and reduce offshore wind installation risks.

Underwriters, brokers and operators are under constant pressure to reduce costs whilst meeting the highest safety standards during the transportation of offshore wind assets from construction yards to project sites where they will be installated and start generating energy.

Our surveyors and marine engineers technically audit the readiness of marine operations, and provide impartial advice to reduce risk for the transportation and installation activities of an offshore wind farm development.

Advanced and innovative engineering experience
We apply decades of experience from thousands of projects to help you maintain compliance with the appropriate standards, reducing project risk and further supporting cost reductions.

DNV pioneered the concept of marine warranty in the 1960s, and publishes the marine operations and warranty standard, DNV-ST-N001. We were one of the first marine warranty service providers to the offshore wind industry, supporting most of Europe’s wind farms by delivering marine warranty and consultancy to many of the largest and most advanced installations in the world.

New technology and innovative methodologies for leaner, more agile marine operations
We work with our customers to redefine the role of marine warranty towards and integrated project approach supporting all phases of the development.

Our customers benefit from independent engineering insights and cutting-edge digital technologies throughout every stage of the project lifecycle. This results in tighter project control and greater risk management for a leaner, more agile marine industry.

Reduced costs and increased efficiency
Our global network of technical experts offers local, field-specific knowledge in more than 35 countries to ensure that projects receive tailored support wherever the operation takes place. This helps to reduce the overall cost and increase the speed of assurance for the project.

We are determined to delivering project results that truly matter. Contact us for references and support.

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